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Blissful business.

Blissness is… freedom to be who you are & do what you love.

To live. To taste life. To go by your days with meaning.

To go full out, while staying fully in. Connected. Alive. Hearing and feeling and sensing with your body, expressing with your heart. Not holding anything back. No second guessing. No have-to’s, no maybe’s. 

And never losing faith in it being possible, because it is becoming more possible every moment.

With a sense of softness, with air to breathe. With lightness, aliveness, excitement. Curiosity for the next moment and the next possibility.

With constant feedback from Life making things concrete, landing more delicious time and abundance in your lap.

Give your gift wings.

Hanna Kuikka
Creative Director, Blissness Creation Coach


Great artists seem to have hit the jackpot: they get to do what they are most passionate about, and their work is sought after by millions.

But those of us who are building a heart-driven business in areas like personal development, healing, coaching, or consulting can not hit the same jackpot… or can we?

Karma Spies
Brand & Digital Design Consultant


The very heart of everything we do is you. We take the time and the interest to ask meaningful questions, to listen, to connect with your essence. We mirror it back to you and together we gain a deeper view on your unique offer to the world. Through this exploration, your essence is put into clearer words, a more coherent value proposition, and a more powerful presentation to your audience.


We uncover your essence, get deep into your uniqueness, and find out what your greatest gifts are. With these we create a vision for your biz to guide your every step.


Using our Blissness Creation Framework, together we create your product and service offer
and your authentic marketing strategy.


Visual brand design
Webdesign & development
Graphic design
Interior design
Video & photography


We host an interactive online group with daily blissness creation support to help you keep focused and energised, following a weekly rhythm that supports peak entrepreneurial creativity.

“We were inspired to work with Hanna and the team after seeing some of her work. Her combination of colours, light and textures really attracted us. There is a warmth and depth to what Hanna does and we are so pleased with the response from our students and others.”
-Caroline and Kris,
The Jewel Within Yoga

“Coaching with Hanna guides me on a journey to have clarity and deep connection to what I love in my business and its strengths. Hanna has been an amazing channel to guide me to manifest the greatness in my passion.”
-Juliana Cruz

“Now my business looks as beautiful as it truly is. People surprise me regularly by offering me opportunities that were inspired by them seeing my true value.”
-Jeanine Crombé, EFT for Life

“I discovered an anchor in relation to what I want to do and being sure about my purpose and my way. I feel like I have an armour on me now. Thank you for this experience. It has been wonderful to reconnect with my essence!”
-Pedro Mondaca

“What I love about the work you do is that it is not only professional but also inspires a sense of poetry, of beauty, of magic, of lightness. It’s like you manage to capture effortlessly the essence of things, the beauty that is there but that not everybody sees.”
-Francesca Puccio,
Standing Renovation

“My experience has been profound. A feeling of courage and support to walk through what is blocking me from the very desire of authenticity that resides inside me. Through her unique approach, Hanna empowered me to release the emotional blocks. Her energy soothed me to courageously feel the freedom of not being bound by those blocks and to reclaim the power of expressing what resonates with my soul.” -Yasaman

“So happy to have this… thanks a lot for your beautiful work. It has perfectly captured both the content and the spirit of what this is all about.”
-John Niland, Self-Worth Academy

“Thank you Hanna, with you everything seems easy. Your great listening skills and your professional qualities have created the website that I was dreaming of. Feedback is more than positive, people find the website gorgeous.
-Véronique Printz

The Creativity Model for Blissness

What you need to know and do to spread your wings for a blissful biz or practice


Know the pitfalls
People believe that if you want to have a business or a practice you have to have a great idea, a solid plan, and the wits and the courage to blast everyone with your message in order to outsmart your audience and your competitors. 

All the ‘should’s’ and the ‘have-to’s’ are so imprinted in us that it can be extremely tricky to follow our own calling without getting lost in other people ideas about how things work, often resulting in either doubt, inaction, forcing, faking, hoping, disappointments, or some sort of mis-alignement and dissatisfaction. Or downright thinking it is impossible to start your business or practice!

What if you want to live it otherwise?

What if you have beauty inside of you that you want to offer in a heart-centered way, while keeping everything in integrity with your truth?

If so, I salute you! Your inner knowing is right. It is warning you to not lose touch with your essence, because the minute you do, things do get hard and the beauty you know life to be about will not be able to flow.

Good news is that there is a way to do it with integrity – in a way that lets your soul speak out its full power and beauty.


Uncover the power of essence
When working from our essence, we can do miracles. Literally.

You know this – when you are immersed in doing what you love, things flow out of  you effortlessly and the people you work with get to experience wonders. The love, truth and power of your soul express themselves naturally through you and open amazing new horizons for your clients.

But then we think of the bills and the marketing and how to get clients, and suddenly we are pinched off of our core.

The trick here is to stay connected, always. Because people do not need to be convinced about what you can do for them, they simply need to get touched by that beauty you have inside of you.

Our essence is one with the beauty and power of everything that exists, and when working from there, we are in the miracle zone. So by leading with your spirit power, you will get to make the contribution to this world that you came here to make.

You will create value beyond measure for people while bringing your soul to life.

For this, you first need to uncover, clarify and embody the essence of your being and then build a free way to bring its beauty to the world.


How to spread the fire
So then… how?

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As a result of the call you will have an overview on how to create your unique, spirit-powered, thriving Blissness.

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